18 Steps to overcome all the Problems with Plus-Size Conception!

Have you always felt that a baby brings the greatest joy, a feeling of having created a miracle? But do you know what can bring an impediment to this joy? Yes, your weight… Being plus size does have its perks, but so far as conceiving is concerned, you may experience certain problems… and this only leads to further anguish and stress! If you are feeling it already you need to read this…

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Your guide to Plus-size Pregnancy…

This guide will ensure that you get the best – in terms of guidance, treatment and care, when it comes to conceiving as a plus-size woman. 🙂

1.    Get your health assessed:

There are a number of factors that will affect your chances of conceiving, because you are well-endowed. It is best that you go to the doctor to get all these things figured out right at the start. Here are the factors:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Other diseases that are genetically transmitted
  • Lifestyle (active or sedentary)
  • General health
  • Fertility
  • Age
  • Regularity of menstrual cycle
  • Other diagnosed diseases.

2.    Work out the details with your ob-gyn:

Once you have properly assessed your health, be prepared to have an honest talk with your Ob-gyn. If your weight is an issue that may directly affect your condition, you may need to lose weight. Even otherwise, if you have any other risks, you need to work out a proper plan to increase your chances of conceiving.

3.    Check your blood sugar levels.

If you are a diabetic or have other blood sugar related problem, it may hinder your conceiving. Also, blood sugar during pregnancy greatly increases the chance of miscarriage or other problems with the baby. So your best bet is to get tested and control your sugar. 🙂

4.    BMI – very important factor!

Body Mass Index is another critical factor in conception. If your BMI is more than 30 then you will have trouble conceiving and you have the risk of developing gestational hypertension and diabetes.

5.    Fix your diet problems (if you haven’t already!)

Include lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and nourishing whole grains in your diet. It is important to lose weight, but not at the risk of malnutrition. So consider taking a daily prenatal vitamin, and also 400 mcg of folic acid, prescribed by a doctor of course.

6.    Start keeping track of your hormone cycles…

Your weight may be affecting your hormone cycles, and this in turn may disrupt not just your periods but also your ovulation. This is one of the leading causes of plus-size women being unable to conceive! And it needs to be rectified with treatment and weight loss first.

7.    Your body shape can affect your fertility!

Another factor that affects fertility is your body shape. If you are heavy around the middle, it produces extra estrogen, which inhibits production of Follicle Stimulating Hormones by the brain. And this has a harsh effect on your fertility.

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8.    Workouts

Work out as per a 30 minutes or so exercise regimen. It will not only help in achieving your weight loss goal, but also regulate your hormone cycles!

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9.    When do you need to go for treatment?

Sometimes no amount of precautions you can take will help. If you too have been trying for many months without any result, make out a chart for:

  • recent illnesses
  • stressful life events
  • medical issues
  • weight gain
  • Cervical mucus changes
  • Basal body temperature chart

The first four is for both your partner and yourself, and the last two just for you. It is time now to go visit your doctor. Depending on the medical finding, you may have to visit a fertility specialist.

10.    Are your hormone levels alright?

Your hormone levels, as you may have guessed, are of prime importance, so they will be checked and treated.

11.    Will medication help?

Certain medication is specially formulated to encourage ovulation in plus-size women. They are either in the form of pills or hormone injections, and your doctor may prescribe them.

12.    Do you have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome?

Did you know that nearly half of all PCOS patients turn out to be plus-size women?! And this needs to be treated medically by a competent doctor at the earliest, to increase your chances of conceiving.

13.    Tackle your weight

Weight probably is your most major issue. It is believed that losing even 5 -10% of your body weight can give an initial push to your fertility. But in a lot of cases, weight loss surgery is advised. It will help, no doubt, but you will need to give your body at least 18 months post-surgery before you try to conceive… So try out alternate weight loss measures wherever possible!

14.    Your hubby could also be the reason!

If your partner is also overweight, then you should also start considering whether the infertility is a problem with both of you. You doctor will be able to guide you in this as well.

15.    Reduce Stress!

On a “lighter” note, your weight may not be the issue! You stress can be… So if the doctor cannot find any health issues, trying keeping your stress in check… It should yield results.

16.    Don’t Binge!

If you have a habit of bingeing, you need to work out ways to stop… Because binge eating will just mess up your pre-conception diet! You will find helpful resources on our other inner pages…

17.    Complications to avoid…

And once you start showing the healthy glow of having another life within you, you have to do adequate homework about the complications of pregnancy:

  • C-Section delivery
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Gestational hypertension
  • Gestational diabetes

 As a woman who has already gone through problems with conception, you want to avoid gestational complications at any cost.

18.    Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!

So, while you were trying to become pregnant, you did change over to a healthier lifestyle! So why not keep it up? Choose to stick to these lifestyle changes and see how it has a direct effect on your pregnancy and post-natal health!

Now you have the secrets to deal with every plus-size conception problem! So prepare for the healthy glow of Motherhood!

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