4 top tips to choosing the right plus-size lingerie!

All the magazines will tell you that the norm is to be thin… But as any real woman knows, that is a myth! Very few women can be size 0 and that too it comes at a huge cost! Honestly, it is much better to live happily and be healthy at whatever size.
But because of the huge media circus, the petite sizes, even when it comes to lingerie, seem to be what is found at most stores. Does this inevitably leave beautiful, well-endowed women like you feeling less than adequate? Kiss that thought goodbye, RIGHT NOW!

Because the truth is that you ARE beautiful, and lingerie can look much better on you! After all you have assets that the lingerie shows off in the best way possible… And the best way to achieve that is to pick lingerie that is right for you… And here goes the 4 top tips for picking the right lingerie for a plus size figure!

1    Get your size right…

It would doubtlessly give you immense joy to fit into one of the usual sizes. But know that ill fitting lingerie can break a look! A well fitting piece of lingerie will flatter the positive and mask the negatives! Buying lingerie that is a size small won’t make you look slimmer. Quite the contrary, actually. So find out your right measurements and then buy your lingerie so that it fits well!  

2    Pick the right style for you…

The shops are full of styles and designs to choose from… But don’t pick lightly. Just as you exercise caution when picking the right cut for your other clothes, the same is needed for lingerie as well. For you, especially, comfort and support are essential. So stay within these parameters, but pick the style that makes you feel most sexy, and most self-confident. After all it is how you feel inside that makes anything you wear look good!

For instance – lingerie isn’t all about exposing. Even something as cute as the Roamans Plus Size Two-tone Ruffle Trim Chemise Amoureuse can make you feel cute and sexy, and believe it when we say that that confidence shows on your face and makes you a desirable and beautiful woman!

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3    Select the right material…

When it comes to the materials used to make lingerie these days, the list is quite extensive – silk, satin, leather, lace, fishnet, and the list goes on… But not every fabric flatters everybody. If what you are looking for is appeal, then you need to try on and see and then pick the fabric that looks best on you!

Keep in mind that whereas silk and satin are fine for special occasions when you want to feel like royalty, for everyday use, cotton is your best bet – comfy and easy maintenance. On the other hand, if daring is your style, fishnet and leather can be your best friends!

Another sexy option that seems to have really caught on is sheer mesh…  It both conceals and shows off! Check this out for instance: Plus Size Sheer Mesh And Lace Halter Babydoll With Pleated Hem… This may be just the thing you need to spice up your love-life!

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4    Color is crucial…

This is another thing that a lot of us tend to miss out on. The color is what ultimately decides the mood you set and the effect you have. What you thought you could do with styles, is actually decided by the color. The two factors that should be kept in mind are occasion and what complements your other features. For instance for romance bold colors work wonders, however, for important events go for whites or pastels. And blue, green and pink etc are fun colors and needn’t be in the bedroom…  On the other hand, pick colors that will complement your complexion, eyes and hair color for optimum effect!

When it comes to buying lingerie for not-petite figures, keeping these tips in mind will always help you pick the right things… And always remember… Lingerie is supposed to make you look beautiful and sexy… And that does not change for you either! So go and choose what feels and looks the best on you!

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