4 Tried And Tested Fabric Tips To Flatter Every Plus-Size Woman!

Mark Twain once said “Clothes maketh a Man…” But not just man, clothes also make a woman! So what if you are Plus-size? Have you been hiding yourself? Well, break out of it! Voluptuous is so “now”! So, pick the right clothes – fabrics, prints, silhouettes et al and get all set to embrace your size!

The moment you wear the perfect clothes, you exude confidence! So find out all the tips and tricks right here!

Fabric Tips To Flatter
What to look out for?

There are different points to keep in mind… Let’s look at each one at a time:

1.    Fabric

The fabric is the “backbone” of any piece of clothing! It affects the most important factors of any dress – comfort, shape, durability, care requirements. And this is especially true for well-endowed women like you, because the fiber content of the material decides the look and fit of your garment!

Here are the fabrics that you should stick to:

    Natural Fibers - not just are they easy to sew, but they also fit like a skin!

  • Worsted:  They are very breathable fabrics, and in addition, they look timelessly classy, define your figure, and do not wrinkle easily!

  • Silk: Again a natural fiber, it looks great, be it as a brightly colored jacket or lighter shades for other pieces of clothing… They also make soft and comfortable sportswear that look good!

  • Cotton: Easy to maintain, comfortable fabric. Very comfortable and one of the favorite choices for plus-size apparel!

  • Linen: Wears well and are very breathable. Also heavy and durable. But be sure to look for a pure linen garment if you want it to truly flatter your body!

Synthetic Fabrics –

  • Acetate: A crisp and lustrous fabric that will jazz up evening looks! Also great for lining.

  • Nylon: Go for the new lightweight varieties for water-proof and windproof outerwear that looks good on your figure!

2.    Patterns  

Patterns and colors are equally important:

  • Color blocking in combination with Patterns: Select a solid color bottom with a patterned top, maybe?

  • Embroidery: A design down the centre and around the edges works wonders.

  • Stripes – but only DIAGONAL or VERTICAL: Steer clear of horizontal. Vertical creates an illusion of slimness and height, whereas diagonals can make your mid-section look slim!

  • Small patterns in mild colors: They help to hide all those areas you aren’t proud of… But don’t get bright bold patterns!

3.    Dresses

When it comes to dresses, fabrics and color are essential. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Choose heavy natural fabrics – cotton blends, jersey or silk as they don’t stick to your every curve…

  • Go for dark bold shades, instead of light pinks and creams.

  • Cut is also important. Go for a structured dress, and one that attracts attention to your face. A-line cuts also work well.

(A little secret:  A knee-length dress shows off your legs and makes you look taller!)

4.    Pants

Pants are another problem area. The three things to keep in mind are fit, color and the fabric… But fabric is by far the most important… So stick to these fabrics that flatter your figure:

  • Denim
  • Rayon
  • Cotton
  • Spandex

No matter whether it is work, or play or a party… Clothes can make or break your look… and with that your confidence! But to flatter your plus-size fabrics can go a long way… So keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping and remodel your wardrobe!

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