A Complete Guide to Plus-Size Apparel

Just because you are on the curvier side, it doesn’t mean that you will have to sport all the over-sized and drab clothes and shelve your fashion and style sense. It doesn’t mean that you will always have to be hesitant and conscious about your looks and fear that nothing will look good on you. With the right apparel, you will feel more confident about making each day memorable.

Wondering how to choose the right apparel? Follow this 9-step guide

  • calvinChoose darker colors over pink, white or yellow. Black, brown, grey or navy are your colors. You can also opt for jewel tones like emerald, sapphire or garnet.

  • Bright pop-up colors will be a great choice also.

  • Opt for knee-length instead of maxi dresses. Showing at least half of your legs will make you look thinner and taller!

  • Choose clothes that are true to your size. Oversized clothes will make you look larger and sloppier.

  • The fabric you choose for your clothes should have some weight to them, like cotton blend. If you choose flimsy fabrics, they will drape too much and may cling in all the wrong places.

  • Cut is very important. If you can afford, choose plus size designer clothes. If not, then opt for clothes which have embellishments near the neck, so that the focus shifts to your face.

  • Belts and jackets are perfect as they reveal the waist but also cover up the curvier part of it.

  • Avoid the all over jumbo-motifs.

  • An Ideal Fitting, Full Figured Bra is the stepping stone to a great looking dress.

To help you a bit more in creating the perfect wardrobe, here are

The most flattering clothing options for you

  • Wrap Dress: It is one of the most flattering dresses a plus size woman can have. A wrap-dress highlights the area under the bust, which is narrow in case of most women. It highlights the curves and camouflages the problem areas…just what you need.

  • Blue Jeans: It is a staple for casual day-outs. And if you purchase medium-weight boot-cut jeans…you will be spot-on!

  • The Pinstripe-Button Down Shirt: With narrow stripes coming down vertically, you will look slimmer. And the button-down structure with darts and princess seams will give you the right support and shape.

  • The Correct Bra: Your clothing will look more flattering, if you wear a rightly fitted bra. If it has the right size and shape, you will look longer, leaner and all your clothes will fit perfectly.

Accessorize yourself. Get yourself a new hair-cut and make yourself look beautiful with the right make-up. You surely can make a statement with every outfit.

Our final bit of help…Following are some clothing options for you.

The Plus Size 3/4 Sleeved Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress. Here is a glimpse of this dress.

Quite fascinating, don’t you say?

But those of you who are not comfortable with dresses, and like casual outfits, here is an option for you.

The Denim 24/7 Plus Size Trapeze Tunic with 2 Pockets.

Women's Plus Size

Lastly, here is a jacket…flattering your curves and hiding your flaws.

The Roamans Plus Size Long Jean Jacket.

See, the options are endless. So, leave behind the fear of dressing up. You just need to be sensible in selecting your clothes and wearing them. With that, no one can prevent you from becoming the prettiest woman out there!

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