Arthritis and Weight: a Review for the + size woman!

arthritis1It is not nice to have the regular pangs of arthritis render you incapable of your daily activities. Truly arthritis has never discriminated between age and sex, but plus size women have a higher rate of arthritic pain than anyone else.

You have your weight to blame for that actually. But then, being a little on the heavy side is not at fault per se. As long as you follow a healthy lifestyle even arthritis can’t get to you.

But what happens when it does? Well, we will take every precaution so that it doesn’t. And for that, we have to do a bit of homework! Visit this site for more useful information

Weight and arthritis – the connection:

Osteoarthritis affects the bones and joints at the neck, knees, hips and the like. It is obvious that these are the spots that take the burden of extra weight. This pressure reduces the synovial fluids that help keep the joints in active working condition. No wonder then that women a little towards the heavy side fall prey to arthritis easily.

Why is obesity a risk factor for arthritis?

Being overweight does increase your chances of suffering from arthritis. Demographic studies have constantly revealed a definite link between excess weight or obesity and knee OA. Research carried on by the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES I) has indicated that obese women had nearly 4 times the risk of developing a knee OA as compared with non-obese women.

Why will losing weight help?

You can depend on painkillers for the pain, but popping pills can only help you so far. What happens when your body becomes immune to whatever benefits the analgesics could provide you momentarily? Losing the excess weight that is hampering your life and creating scope for nuisance like arthritis is the ultimate remedy to avoid the detrimental effects of arthritis.

So why does exercise and losing weight help?

1.    Exercise can induce a balanced body mass index and a proper weight. When you lose weight, it automatically helps the system to fight against multiple obesity related issues, including arthritis.

2.    Moreover, with exercise you can even ease the pain a lot more easily than regular intake of analgesics that might have harmful side effects.

Arthritis and Weight

Weight loss methods that help in checking the arthritis pain:

  • Exercise: like we said earlier, exercising not only helps in getting rid of the excess fat healthily but also without weight loss supplements. You will surely be able to avoid the negative effects of such weight loss miracle pills. They are no miracles, really, and you might be in for a greater problem if it affects your arthritis medication/treatment.

  • Eat nutritious: eating healthy works together with exercise regimens so that you eat healthy and not accumulate additional weight over and above your body weight. Eat loads of fibers, fruits and protein. But make sure to follow a balanced diet, moderation is the keyword!

Tips you might find helpful:

  • Start out slowly, don’t overdo it.
  • Take one step at a time.
  • If it starts hurting, take a break, you can’t accomplish a miracle overnight!
  • Be organized in your weight loss regimen, and make sure to follow a proper diet. You don’t want to add malnutrition to your list of woes.
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Now that you know how to deal with arthritis and your weight issues, get on with it and come back with feedback. We value it above all.

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