Celebrating ‘plus size’ pregnancy

Your pregnancy is just another confirmation of the fact that plus size does not stop you from being a complete human being. You can enjoy the bliss of motherhood just like any other woman! Its time you rejoiced and celebrated to the hilt!

Yes, there will be ups and downs, times when you will feel sick with worry. But that’s normal in any pregnancy.

Thinking about whether it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy even when you are plus size? Here’s what experts have to say. According to BabyCenter,

“Nearly 70 percent of plus-size moms-to-be said their pregnancies had been either "pretty good" or "fantastic," and almost three out of four postpartum plus-size moms said the same.”

Be confident that you have the ability to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, despite your plus-size.

 You can achieve it by just having a positive outlook.

Do you know if you are plus-size and pregnant, you are part of an increasing community? Not only one in every three women is considered obese, half of the female population during their child-bearing age is over-weight! Experts at BabyCenter opine that

“while plus-size women face increased risks of complications, the majority of these are manageable if they occur, and being overweight doesn't mean you're destined for a troubled pregnancy”.

Feeling more confident, aren’t you?

To help you more, here are eight ways to feel good about yourself.

1.    Click photos: Don’t hide from cameras. You want to preserve this time of your life and show it to your kid when he/she grows up.

2.    Eat well: Good meals have this amazing capability to make you happy…and healthy, of course. So, eat well and eat frequently. And make sure your meals are rich in healthy minerals and vitamins to keep you and your baby healthy.

3.    Exercise: A simple 30 minute walk in the park will do much to improve your energy and spirit. It will also keep off the regular pregnancy problems that plus-size would-be-moms are most likely to experience.

4.    Take Care: Your body is doing a lot of hard work right now; nurturing a new life inside you. It is time to take special care of you. A massage, a hot spa, or/and manicure will make you feel a lot better about yourself.

5.    Love yourself: Don’t lose your “self” because of the pregnancy. Don’t lose your spirit and eagerness to participate in your favorite activity. Read books that you love, watch movies that you love…basically, don’t fall out of love with yourself.

6.    Get Support: Pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally draining. So, talk out your emotions. Your loved ones are there to listen and help.

7.    Show Your Style: Don’t get stuck with muumuus and loose T-shirts. Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t imply that you cannot flaunt your style. Search the departmental stores for beautiful maternity wear.

8.    Keep Track: Don’t make those nine months a long and boring one. A pregnancy journal can help you out. Track your emotions; write down little moments that strike you and hold you captive…the first kick maybe…. Cherish this journal, and go back to memorable incidents during days of pregnancy time and again!

Big, Beautiful, and Pregnant
For more tips on Plus-Size Pregnancy, the Big, Beautiful, and pregnant: Expert Advice and Comforting Wisdom for the Expecting Plus-Size Woman is a book that will surely help you out. In this book, you will get answers to all the queries you may have regarding your plus-size pregnancy. From nutrition needs to exercise regimens till labor and delivery; this book covers everything.

When everything is so positive about your pregnancy, there are ample reasons to celebrate and be happy. Because no matter what you do and what you achieve; the emotions of motherhood – even for a plus size mum-to-be -- can never be replaced with anything else.

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