How to zero in on the best plus size bridal dress that will make you break into a plus size smile?

Zeroing in on the wedding gown of your dreams should not be a bother even when you have a curvy body. In order to get a dress that can make people halt in their tracks, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you go shopping.

Pre-purchase tips

A slight negligence towards choosing your bridal dress can land you with a bad buy. So, be extra careful when you look for your wedding dress.

  • If you start your search for your wedding gown early, you will avoid the hassles that brides usually suffer after a hasty buy.

  • Going through the portfolios created by professional photographers can give you a clearer idea of which dress type would suit your shape. Photographers have stock images of brides of all shapes and sizes.

  • Do choose a dress that will go well with your stature. Don’t buy a dress in the hope of losing weight.

  • Finally, always try your bridal outfit with the innerwear that you will wear on your wedding.

However, wearing whatever catches your fancy can be a big fashion faux. So make sure that the dress you choose for yourself has some special characteristics.

Points to keep in mind while choosing:

To have an extraordinary bridal dress that flatters your curves, look for an outfit with the following traits:

  • Instead of choosing ball gown skirts, princess frocks or tea length dresses, go for an A-line gown.

  • If you are a little busty, then a dress with V-neckline can impart a wonderful contrasting line.

  • If you are conscious of your upper arms, go for a gown with cap sleeves. If you are not, say yes to a sheer wrap that complements your wedding dress.

  • Remember, lingerie plays a vital role to make you look even better in your bridal wear. So make sure that you buy supportive briefs, bras and bodysuits.

  • To be very honest, a milky white dress may not look too flattering on a full figured bride. So you can consider shades of ivory or cream. If you don’t mind experimenting with your looks, you can try a combination of colors such as “medieval combination” or Scottish tartan wedding dresses.

  • You can add a spark to your wedding party by choosing an informal wedding dress. In fact, they are ideal for beach and garden weddings.

  • Keep in mind that even the most gorgeous dress may not look so beautiful if you don’t feel comfortable in it. Make certain that you buy a dress wearing which you can move, dance and talk with ease.

  • It is better if you get a tailor to get your bridal dress altered to fit you perfectly.

Need Some More Help?

There is a beautiful book, called Down That Aisle in Style!: A Wedding Guide for the Full-figured Woman [Hardcover], authored by Chamein Canton, which can help you have your dream wedding day. In this book:

  • Down That Aisle in Style!The author covers everything that a bride may need as she prepares for her D day.
  • It provides many tips on how to choose the right dress to flatter all shapes and sizes.
  • The author also gives tips on bridal make up.
  • The book comes with inspirational messages that many plus size models like Kathleen Bennett, Naiesha Brooks, Joy Atkinson, BBB Women, Tonya Jeter, Shanda LaRue, Olga Ramos, Melissa Rios, Melissa Stamper, Lynette Schultz and Stephanie Smith have provided.
  • The book is an easy read for its lucidity.  

The book gains a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating at Readers seem to have nothing but whole hearted appreciation for the book. If you want to go through what they have said about it, do visit the Amazon website.

Finally, you should understand that a curvaceous body is nothing to hide. And, regardless of what the rulebook says, if you come across a bridal dress that seems to sing to you, just grab it!! 🙂

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