Plan Your Wedding ‘Plus Size’ Too!

Your size should be the last thing to consider when you imagine yourself as a bride. Just because your waistline does not match that of a supermodel, it does not mean that you cannot steal the limelight on your special day!
If you want to make your wedding a picture perfect one, there are certain aspects that you should look into well in advance…

  • Photo Credit: Extra Medium via Compfight cc

    Photo Credit: Extra Medium via Compfight cc

    Plan the wedding day before it gets too late:  Order your wedding dress and veil well in advance. Also, plan the design of your wedding bouquet, wedding cake, invitation cards. Your wedding planner can help make your list of to-dos. Maybe you could make a list of questions to ask your wedding planner.

  • Determine what you should include in your wedding trousseau:  When you are shopping for your own trousseau, make sure that you include the things that you are ‘used to’ already. Include cosmetics that suit your skin-type, try your shoes in advance to make sure they don’t cause blister, and your ‘honeymoon wardrobe’.

  • Design your wedding dress in a style that suits your body type.  When it comes to designing your wedding dress, make sure that you choose a dress that compliments your body type. For example, an A line or ball gown dress can be flattering to you.

  • Check your diet: Make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated. Also, to avoid any signs of bloating, eliminate carbonated drinks, carbohydrates and sugar from your diet.

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