Plus size workout with Debra Mazda!!

300x250-VenusFactor-1022Now, now, we all know that workouts can cost a lot of self esteem...especially if you are way too conscious of your plus size status. Not all of us are blessed with immense self confidence, regardless of size and shape.

So what’s to be done?! You can’t afford to walk into the gym and workout with gusto...and lack of motivation holds you back from making the effort. Well, why not turn to simpler and unobtrusive ways of work-out?!

Here’s how, but before may want to watch this short video

Need for staying fit:

  • Less prone to illness: People who work out regularly or even make an effort to stay fit on a daily basis are less prone to sudden and complicated illnesses. That is precisely because their systems work more efficiently and stay out of trouble.

  • Less depression: A healthy body makes way for a healthy mind and that is why staying fit can become a way to keep depression at bay.

  • Easier to manage stress: When you maintain a basic level of fitness, your hectic schedule cannot quite manage to bow you down to stress. That is because of the greater energy levels that a fit person acquires.
Staying fit, therefore, matters....

And since we have established that you can’t work out in public, let us turn to...

How to stay fit at home:

  • No need for equipment – use your imagination: the problem with us is that we hardly take time to notice the different exercise options lying around at home itself. And you don’t even need heavy or costly exercise equipments. If you can use your imagination, even ironing clothes can be a great workout session.

  • Diet factors: Half the battle about staying fit can be won easily if you just know the right diet plan that can help you maintain the right amount of fitness.

  • Be realistic and set small goals to start: The problem with most of us is that we set very big goals and then feel pressurized. By the time we can actually make a move we start feeling intimidated and lose all motivation.

  • Use simpler chores as exercise: like we mentioned earlier, simple tasks like ironing and laundry, cleaning the house and cooking itself can become great methods for workouts.

  • Simple exercise: try simple free hand exercise methods, stretches and long walks. These can also prove to be great sources of workouts.

  • Use DVDs: There are plenty in the market to choose from. Watch the experts and learn...
  • Click here to listen to a short video

And to make things easier for you...we have brought to you what the experts recommend and swear by. Try Shapely Girl: Let's Get Moving with Debra Mazda, Low-Impact Cardio (2009). Enacted and directed by Debra Mazda, Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coach with over 2 decades of experience, this series of DVDs boasts:

  • Of a series of excellent warm ups and calorie burning exercises.

  • A beginner/ intermediate course that includes workouts like cardio, cool down and floor work exercise.

  • The whole purpose of this series is to promote health and fitness consciousness among plus size women.

  • Once a 315 pounds plus size, Debra Mazda worked out her way to being the leader in plus size fitness revolution. She recommends exercise above diets and all other means of weight loss and fitness mantras.

Reviewers at have rated it 4.2 stars out of 5 with justified reasons. If you want to look up greater information on this DVD, don’t forget to visit

And don’t miss out on workouts; a healthy and fit body will go a long way in life...

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