What Happens When You Eat Greasy Food?

Find Out What Happens When You Eat Greasy Food!

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Greasy food is everyone’s favourite. Who can say no to fries and an extra cheesy pizza? Though it is fine to have them once in a while, it is important that you are aware of how greasy foods affect your health. Yes, the harmless looking fried delicacies can make you pay a huge price!

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Most commonly asked questions in connection with greasy foods are the following:

  • Why does your stomach feel weird after eating greasy stuff?
  • Can greasy food cause acne?
  • Why is greasy food bad for health?

Well, keep reading to find out how greasy food affects your body!

What Happens When You Eat Greasy Food?

1) Digestive system gets strained

Eating fried foods puts lots of pressure on the digestive system due to the amount of fat in it. You should be aware of the fact that fat takes more time to get digested when compared to carbs and protein. Fat needs digestive juices and enzymes such as bile and stomach acid to get broken down. Factors like stress and medication lower the level of digestive juices in the body. Also, a lot of people are deficient in these juices.

Fat in food makes your digestive system work extra and that can lead to nausea, discomfort and bloating.

2) You need to rush to the washroom

woman with stomach pain

Greasy foods stay in your stomach for longer and might enter the intestines without being digested adequately. Due to this, most often, people have diarrhea or stomach pain after eating fried food. You need to stop gorging on greasy food to prevent these digestive issues.

6) Gut bacteria gets imbalanced

You have little fellas residing in your gut. These friendly bacteria do so much for your overall health that you should also do them a favour by limiting intake of greasy foods. Greasy foods don’t have healthy fat that are found in foods like avocados, butter, olive oil and fish. Consuming more of refined vegetable oils in place of healthy fats can throw your body off balance.

7) Chances of acne increase

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A big greasy meal may not give you zits immediately but it does have a hand in acne. It is an indirect effect that occurs over a period of time and is due to your eating habits. Acne is mainly due to hormonal imbalance or bacterial imbalance. Greasy food generally harms the gut, leading to acne.

8) Raises heart disease and diabetes risk

If there are a lot of greasy foods in your diet, there are more chances of chronic illnesses. The risk of heart disease can go up in particular. According to a study, people who consumed fried stuff between 4 to 6 times a week had 39% more chance of Type 2 diabetes and 23% more of coronary heart disease. Those who ate fried foods daily, the percentages were even higher.

You need to limit your consumption of greasy food and keep them aside for a rare indulgence. Eat clean and see the difference! You are what you eat!

Think twice before you eat greasy food!

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