Your Guide To Selecting THE Perfect Plus-size Bridesmaid Dress!!

So…you’ve the honor of being the bridesmaid! No wonder you want to look your best…No wonder you are excited about the YOUR dress for the occasion! Surely you’re not going to allow your concern with your size and shape ruin the moment? Who knows, with the perfect dress, you might meet YOUR Mr. Perfect at the wedding…

So don’t leave any stone unturned while preparing for the wedding! And when it comes to the bridesmaid’s dress…there are a few key pointers.

Here they are:

How to choose the right bridesmaid dress?

1. Find the right stores; opt for the ones that specialize in plus size dresses.

2. Choose a bridesmaid dress that will flatter your shape and will emphasize your curves the right way.

“Choose cap sleeves, which provide coverage for arms without concealing too much, or have coordinating sashes whipped up by a tailor in a hue similar to that of the dress.”

3. If the bride allows, each of the bridesmaids can opt for her own dress! The color scheme might be the same, but with different cuts, sleeves, etc! This ensures your personal comfort as well.

4. A perfect dress for you would be the one which suits both your personality and your figure; and you should feel very comfortable in it.

5. Make sure you can move freely in your dress, and carry out various activities that a wedding entails, dancing included.

Here are some...

Popular Bridesmaid Dress Designs

A Line Dresses: long or short, they are suitable for all body types - hourglass-shaped, pear-shaped or apple shaped!

V-Neck dresses: it is the best option for you! It diverts the attention from the slightly disadvantageous lower half of your body and makes you look sexy at the same time!

Draped one shoulder: pair it with a good brooch or a flared skirt to make it look attractive!

Curved rhinestones embellishments: well balanced prominence of this ornamentation makes for a elegantly jeweled look!

Empire Waistline: in case you’re not very tall, this lends your stature a longer impression which works great for your plus-size!
One last bit of help!

Here are some bridesmaid dress options just for YOU.

The first option is the 50's Strapless Satin Formal Bridesmaid Prom Dress Holiday Gown! Have a look:

Simple yet classic, what do you say?

And, if you want a simple but royal look in your bridesmaid dress...

Then perhaps you would like the Strapless Long Satin Bandage Gown Bridesmaid Dress Prom Formal Crystal Pin.

The next option is a bit of fun…a bit of adventure! Try the Satin Halter Dress Tulle Mini Train Prom Bridesmaid Holiday Formal Gown Junior Plus Size.

The options are endless! This is just a preview, once you get into it, you will find both your options and imagination expanding like never before!! You just need to be sensible and smart in your selection!

But be aware; don’t rob the poor bride of her glitters and praises! It is her day after all! 🙂

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